My Story

Welcome to my Enchanted Handmade Jewellery World

Imagine if unicorns really did roam our planet and mermaids were our sea queens. Fairies lit up our forests and giants built our ancient cities. Secret passageways existed that have long been covered up, or perhaps these things are hidden in plain sight right under our feet!


I love making jewellery that is inspired by the animal kingdom and all things make belief. From an initial drawing, each piece is sawn out and soldered and then textured or polished. I am often joined in my workshop by my cats Chloe and Lewis who love to fall asleep on my chair.


My company name came from a short poem I wrote years ago ‘Animal friends charming and sweet, handmade with love forever FurKeeps’. If animals could talk to us, I’m sure they would have some interesting tales to tell us!

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