Enchanted Scene Jewellery

Ready made jewellery available from my Etsy Shop

These enchanting scenes are all designed and handmade by myself. Each one is intricately hand sawn from sterling silver and hand polished. The perfect gift for anyone that believes in all things make belief.

Sawing one of these tiny scenes takes me some time and lots of concentration not to accidentally saw through a little mushroom or fairy home! After I have sawn out the scene from a sheet of sterling silver, some of them are then soldered onto another sheet of sterling silver which is the darkened background you can see in the pendants above.

Although the sawing part is tricky, the soldering is probably the most time consuming heating up the silver to allow the solder to flow, yet trying not to melt any of the tiny fairy homes or intricate detail. 

After a final polish, these enchanted scene pendants are ready to find their new home where they can be loved and treasured forever FurKeeps!

My Enchanted scene jewellery is 'ready made' and will be available to buy through my Etsy shop. I will be listing these necklaces as they are finished, so please check back again soon for new enchanting worlds and follow me through instagram and facebook for my latest creations!